I am looking for full-time researcher, post-doc, highly self-motivated undergraduates, who are interested in machine learning especially for learning combinatorial solvers, dynamic graphs and multi-agent reinforcement learning. Please send me up-to-date resume via yanjunchi AT sjtu.edu.cn. Visit csrankings.org for more information.
SJTU-ThinkLab 上海交通大学思维工场实验室
Junchi Yan 严骏驰
SJTU-ThinkLab Founder
Research Professor (Tenure-track)
Assitant to Director of SJTU MoE Key Lab of AI
Assitant to Director of Department of CSE
Co-director of ACM Class Program (for AI direction)
yanjunchi AT sjtu.edu.cn
SEIEE Building 3-519 / Software Building 502
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Artificial Intelligence Institute
Zhiyuan College (ACM Class)
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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Recent news
2021/07 I will serve as an Area Chair for AAAI 2022
2021/07 One paper on multi-modal robotics sensing was accepted by IROS 2021
2021/06 I was elected as IET Fellow (formal endorsement deferring to June 2023)
2021/05 Two papers (1 correspondence) on network & RL accepted by KDD 2021
2021/05 Four papers (3 correspodences) were accepted by ICML 2021
2021/05 One paper (correspondence) on relation extraction accepted by ACL 2021
2021/05 One paper (correspondence) on QAP was accepted by IEEE TPAMI
2021/04 Two papers (all correspodences) were accepted by IJCAI 2021
2021/04 I will serve as an Area Chair for ACM MM 2021
2021/03 Five papers (1 oral, 3 correspodences) were accepted by CVPR 2021
2021/01 One paper on NAS (correspodence) was accepted by ICLR 2021
2021/01 One paper (correspodence) on sequence was accepted by IEEE TKDE
2020/12 I (as advisor) was awarded Yau-award Bronze Medal (丘成桐中学科学铜奖)
2020/12 Seven papers (5 correspodence) were accepted by AAAI 2021
2020/12 I was awarded as the Wuwenjun Young Scientist 吴文俊优青 2020
2020/11 I was invited as the Associte Editor by 中国图象图形学报
2020/11 State Major R&D Program (重点研发) was approved (2020/11-2023/10)
2020/10 I will serve as a Senior PC for IJCAI 2021
2020/10 I will serve as a Managing GE for Pattern Recognition 2021
2020/09 One paper (correspondence) on embedding was accepted by IEEE TKDE
2020/09 Three papers (two correspondence) were accepted by NeurIPS 2020
2020/09 One paper (correspondence) on entity was accepted by EMNLP 2020
2020/08 One paper (correspondence) on optical flow was accepted by IEEE TIP
2020/07 One paper (correspondence) on image matching was accepted by IJCV
2020/07 Five papers (four correspondence) were accepted by ECCV 2020
2020/06 One paper on learning graph matching was accepted by IEEE TPAMI
2020/05 One paper on cross-network embedding was accepted by IEEE TKDE
2020/04 Two papers on combinatorial learning/NAS were accepted by IJCAI 2020
2020/04 One paper on multi-graph matching was accepted by IEEE TPAMI
2020/03 One paper combinatorial RL was accepted by ICMR 2020
2020/03 One paper on generative sequence clustering was accepted by IEEE TKDE
2020/03 One paper on temporal abnomarly detection was accepted by IEEE TNNLS
2020/02 Three papers on graph, adversarial learning were accepted by CVPR 2020
2020/02 I am serving as an Area Chair for ICPR 2020
2020/01 I am serving as an Area Chair for CVPR 2021
About SJTU-ThinkLab

Founded in April 2018 by Dr. Junchi Yan, the vision of SJTU-ThinkLab (上海交通大学思维工场实验室) is to develop cutting-edge technolgies for solving the real-world problems whereby data-driven approach interleaved with domain knowledge can be well explored and applied. In particular, the recent years' research is focused on relation & sequence modeling and leanring, which is believed is the main aspects of data science and machine learning.

About me (the founder)

My recent research is focused on un/semi-structured relational and sequential data analytics and learning, especially for graphs and images (embedding and matching) and temporal sequence (point process and RNN models). I am currently an research professor (PI) with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and also the founder of the ThinkLab in SJTU. I am also the member of SJTU Artificial Intelligence Institute and teaches at SJTU Zhiyuan College for ACM Class.

Before joining SJTU, I technically led a team on cognitive IoT for delivering IBM's analytics product and solution based on image and other sensor data with IBM Research - China. I am also the founder of the SDALA lab affiliated with the institute of AIDA@ECNU, whose members are graduate students from ECNU, SJTU and THU when I was with ECNU as an adjunct post-doc researcher during 2015-2018. I coadvised three master students in ECNU and work with them to publish 2 AAAI papers and 1 ICMR paper in two years, all are first-authored by students.

I authored 30+ filed US patents and first-authored 10+ papers and coauthored 60+ papers in ICCV/CVPR/ECCV/AAAI/IJCAI/ICML/NIPS/KDD/ICLR/TPAMI/TIP/TCYB/TNNLS/TKDE in the past five years. I serve as an Associate Editor for IEEE ACCESS. I was once also an adjunct graduate advisor affiliated with School of Data Science of Fudan University.

I have some work on graph matching, optical flow estimation and event sequence learning. My current effort is tempral data learning and combinatorial learning. I am also interested in applications where sequential data is a big play, such as literature citation, clinical trials, failure logs, social media etc.

Working experience
Co-director of ACM Class Program (in charge of AI direction),
SJTU Zhiyuan College, 2019.07-present
Research Professor (tenure-track, PhD Advisor),
CSE Department || AI Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2018.04-present
Senior Research Staff Member (band 9) & Principal Scientist
Visual Analytics for Cognitive IoT, IBM Research 2017.09-2018.04
Founder of SDALA Lab & Post-Doc (委培)
East China Normal University 2015.10-2018.04
Research Staff Member (band 8)
IBM Research 2014.07-2017.08
Staff Researcher (band 7)
IBM Research 2013.08-2014.06
Visiting Researcher
Collaborator: Murray Campbell (the father of DeepBlue)
IBM Watson Research Center, USA 2013.03-2013.04
Researcher (band 6)
IBM Research 2011.04-2013.07
Software Design Engineer Intern
Microsoft, Shanghai 2010.06-2010.09
Ph.D., Information and Communication Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2012.9-2015.9
在职委培, Advisor: Prof. Hongyuan Zha 查宏远, Prof. Xiaokang Yang 杨小康
M.S., Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2008.9-2011.3
免试推荐, Advisor: Prof. Yuncai Liu 刘允才 , Prof. Pengfei Shi 施鹏飞
B.E., Automation, University of Science & Technology Beijing 2004.9-2008.6