Partial List of Publications
Combinatorial optimization and learning (e.g. graph matching):
Perception and learning (e.g. object detection):
Temporal and sequence learning (e.g. temporal point process):
U.S. Patent
|| Determining an object referenced within informal online communications, US Patent App. 14/962232
|| Generating a clustering model and clustering based on the clustering model, US Patent App. 14/812141
|| Biased users detection, US Patent App. 14/886426
|| Predicting waiting passenger count and evaluation, US Patent App. 14/722879
|| Analyzing property of protein sequence, US Patent App. 14/669748
|| Identifying subsurface material layer, US Patent App. 14/527272
|| Warping sequence data for learning in neural networks, US Patent App. 16/184180
|| Self-guided object detection in regular images, US Patent App. 16/157418
|| Model based data processing, US010832162
|| Training a self-driving vehicle, US010752239
|| Self-similarity analysis for defect detection on patterned industrial objects, US10726540
|| Interest highlight and recommendation based on interaction in long text reading, US10691893
|| Genome compression and decompression, US10679727
|| Multi-layer information fusing for prediction, US10679143
|| Processing GPS drifting, US10605925
|| Managing gene sequences, US10586609
|| Object detection, US10559078
|| Object classification based on decoupling a background from a foreground of an image, US10692220
|| Optimizing tables with too many columns in a database, US10331639
|| Method and apparatus of data classification for routes in a digitized map, US10436589/10429189
|| Expense compliance checking based on trajectory detection, US10510125
|| Fast joint template machining, US10346716
|| Providing computation services with privacy, US10333715
|| Quality evaluation, US10424059
|| Data cube generation, US9965503
|| Managing task in mobile device, US9722947
|| Location based on call detail record, US9723441
|| Work-piece defect inspection via optical images and ct images, US9721334
|| Method and apparatus for evaluating predictive model, US9684634
|| Method and apparatus for generating data in a missing segment of a time data sequence, US9684872
|| Creating a software performance testing environment on a virtual machine system, US9921939/US9921940
|| Foreign organization name matching, US9659086
|| Building missing movement path of an object, US9644976
|| Pattern recognition based on information integration, US9355332
|| Method and apparatus of determining air quality, US9740967, US9317732
|| Handing off a terminal among wireless access points, US9532285
|| Generating a training model based on feedback, US9659258/10346746
|| Monitoring interesting subjects, US9584608
|| Method and apparatus of estimating wave velocity of negative pressure wave in a fluid transportation pipeline, US9534979